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Bangladesh Perspective

  /  Bangladesh Perspective

The origin of ancient Bangladesh dates way back to Pundravardhana civilization during 3rd century BC, however the modern history traced back to 12th century AD when Bengal was subjugated to the sultanate of Delhi. The country as we know today emerged from the ashes of a brutal war of independence in 1971 by defeating East Pakistan.

Right after the war, Bangladesh was among the poorest nations in the world and on the verge of failure, but today the country turn-out to be one of the most emerging nations, moving on a path of sustainable rapid growth. The annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates in the last few years were around 7% and expected to continue at this level on an average till 2030. The World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), JICA and many famous economists have expressed astonishment at the development of Bangladesh.

In recent decades the country has been showing steady improvements in infrastructure, health, economic, education, and social activities. Resulting in the economy to thrive by employing around two-third of the 170 million population in the workforce. Right now, the energetic young population consists of over 50% of the total population which is an opportunity to realise the demographic dividend till around 2040.

Bangladesh is moving forward with good macroeconomic indicators despite having many problems. The share of the industrial sector in GDP continues to be the second most major sector after the service sector. This predominantly agricultural based country is self-sufficient in major food production. Once upon a time the country used to import most products, but now the country is exporting garments, medicines, furniture, leather, medicine, making ships and so on. Bangladesh is now becoming a role model for growing economies in terms of economic development metrics and growth rate. Today, Bangladesh is considered as an emerging tiger to the global arena.