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Research Hub

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We have coverage on wide range research, case studies and thesis on with practical industry insights. In addition to existing research depositories, we provide tailored research facilities through our network of industry practitioners based on clients demand. To support in house research teams and corporate stakeholders, we can also facilitate primary and
secondary data collection.


  1. Strategic Analysis and Formation  Our core strengths are in hyper-local knowledge, network and strategy. We utilize those to advise our clients on their industry identification, business model identification and craftingbusiness plan to venture into the market. Our business support services cover end to end solutions for global clients to set up their business in Bangladesh.
  2. Investment Management and Advisory: Our expertise in entrepreneurship and investment management enables us to walk clients through the financial models to repatriation of their investments after successful exits. Our advisory service ranges from leading the capital arrangements to merger and acquisition of the targets. We provide broad ranges of financial advisory and customized investment facilitation services through our company.
  3. Stakeholder Management: Our networks and alliances have diverse industry experiences, hence enabling us tosecure the right human capital and raising talents. Our work involves but not limited to matchmaking with potential partners and extensive due diligence through partner networks.
  4. Bench marking and Monitoring: As an operator, we can assess performance and benchmark effectively on behalf of our clients in their companies across international and regional jurisdictions. This allows us to build trust through financial reporting, performance monitoring and evaluation in both short term and long term. We conduct in-depth analysis from stakeholders perspective and ensure right recommendations are going upstream to make the business successful.
  5. FDI Promotion: Our FDI Promotional services offer stakeholders to create a positive and marketable image of the industries for attracting FDI. It consists of developing strategic components and executing plans in investment promotion, demand generation, investor facilitation, and after care management. We also build public awareness and advocate for public private integration for retaining investors on behalf of multiple stakeholders.

Service Sectors: (Preferred by BIDA, BEZA):

  • Agri-Business Sector
  • Frozen Food
  • Power Sector –
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electric Sector
  • Health Care Sector
  • Medical Equipment Sector
  • Garments & Textiles
  • Leather And Leather Goods
  • ICT Sector
  • Plastic Sector
  • Light Engineering
  • Ship Building Sector
  • Tourism Industry
  • Ceramic Sector