Live Crab

In the business of Crab, we are among the most trusted suppliers of live, fresh, and frozen Carbs to various destinations. We supply premium quality of Crabs at affordable prices. Crabs make around 20% of total aquatic crustaceans and live in all parts of the world’s oceans, in freshwater, and on land. It is consumed worldwide. There are many varieties of crab species, which are sourced from different parts of the oceans. Annually, thousands of tons are produced for export and supply in the commercial market. We at Shree Trading solutions is one of the leading suppliers of Crab products that include chilled, frozen, and live crab. Product Details Most of the crab species are available in life, and we ensure that quality remains unimpaired. Crabs on the whole we supply are top-graded Sashimi for crab food lovers who want to consume. Crabs are generally found in the commercial marketplace. Techniques well follow to keep live crabs fresh and frozen are done by seafood packaging standards. Healthy, Hygienic & Safe Facts All our crab species remain top quality and maintain hygienic through the sanitation process. Crab of different species has rich in nutritional values, a good source of protein, and low in fat. Packaging and Supplying Process * The crab canning process is performed rigorously, which has several stages. Fresh and Live crabs after harvesting from the ocean are sorted out based on the size and species. Live, frozen crabs are then packed according to standard packaging policy to ensure freshness and quality remains intact