We are a non-asset based, freight management company and we thrive to provide a seamless transportation experience to customers of all sizes. With partnerships with most major shipping services around the world, we provide fast and most effective transportation services and help you grow your business. With connections with all the right contacts in the industry, we can assist with any transportation requirement.

TRANSLOG (CANADA) INC. provides customized solutions for your transportation requirements. We are connected globally through all major transportations networks and able to provide a door-to-door service by Sea, Air and Inland transports and provide consultation for 3PL/4PL requirements as well due to our extensive reach and reliable industry partners. If we do not offer a service directly, we will guide you toward the best solution as if it were our own offering.

As this industry is still outdated when it comes to standards of accountability, service and technology, we strive to offer a more modern approach that’s easy for customers from all walks of life; our approach ensures the customer does not need to be well-versed in shipping but still able to understand the requirements easily.