Overland Network : Offering inland transportation services as standalone or as part of combined / multimodal solutions

Inland transportation is a vital part of the supply chain globally. Be it part of the greater routing involving multiple modes of transport, or if it’s purely moved overland, we are able to cater to those requirements.

Freight trucking is a flexible end-to-end service, ideal for delivering containers and cargo over short to long distances across various geographic areas. For inland transportation we can cater for your full truck load (FTL) or Less Than Full Truck load/partial load (LTL). We have partnered with reliable service providers across North America where trucking is an integral part of trade and are able to offer quick, effective and competitive solutions.

Rail coverage can accommodate your hauling needs at a higher capacity – and is perfect if you need to move your cargo fast. Rail is fast becoming the more competitive multimodal option globally and we are set up to provide this solution where regular truckload may prove to be costlier than our customers’ budget allows.

Inland water transport by barge can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. Barges can be used to transport your cargo to areas inaccessible by ocean liners. That means you can send your cargo to remote inland destinations by river barges avoiding high-cost road transport.